Musa Okwonga on “How to promote your great ideas” at #BarCampSthlm

I’m currently attending BarCamp Stockholm and just finished listening to Musa Okwonga talk about how to promote your great ideas.

This is a quick and dirty roundup of his presentation.

4 principles

1: Who is the messenger?

  • Lots of competitors/What makes your “product” special?
  • Who are you? Your network is the messenger, friends, family, alumni, etc…
  • Bulletpoint EVERYTHING wbout you.

2: Who is the audience?

  • Detail the audience and target them aggressively.
  • Put yourself somewhere NEW, or with someone totally different from you, who has a similar audience.

3: What are the messages?

  • Work out different messages for different audiences.

4: Method of delivery!

Different delivery for different audience.

Work out ALL the audiences.


  • Primary audience: Demographic, where, age, interests.
  • Secondary audience: Network
  • Last audience: Rest of the world

Map out HOW you approach them.

  • DON’T advertise at first.
  • Word of mouth, journalists, radio/magazines.
  • If I’ve heard you, I’m more likely to like you.

How to get coverage!

  • Look at someone you like to cover you.
  • Look at their work, ALL the work.
  • Get an angle.
  • Contact and ASK for a meet.
  • Mention THEM, focus on THEM and THEIR work.
  • Grab their attention, they get thousands of mails.

Baby steps in the “pyramid”

  • Small/local paper, get an interview.
  • Chain reaction “look, we’re covered here and here”
  • Get more coverage from recent coverage.
  • Make your way up.

“The cool kids hate not being cool.”
If Wired/Next Big Thing/Huffington Post don’t write about you, make smaller channels cover you, work your way up and have them say “Why aren’t WE covering them?”.

Author: Ludvig Lindblom

Ludvig Lindblom is a front-end developer from Stockholm, Sweden who's nuts about internet, user interfaces and web standards. Besides his passion for the web he has an education in agriculture and forestry, has worked as a lumberjack, is a father of two and always has a chilled glass in the fridge on fridays for the weekly dry martini.