har öppnat

Som jag skrev i går så registrerade jag för ett tag sedan och för ovanlighetens skull så gjorde jag faktiskt något med domänadressen på en gång. Annars har jag en dålig ovana att registrera domännamn i tid och otid (oftast då min favorit bland de svenska leverantörerna av webbtjänster som domännamn och serverutrymme, binero, har en kampanj på gång).

För att inte skulle bli ytterligare en i raden av outnyttjade domänadresser så la jag upp en liten sida som listar alla (plus några som ej längre är aktuella) romsorter i Systembolagets sortiment. Anledningen att listan inte är perfekt är för att jag använder mig av Systemet API som tyvärr inte verkar vara helt uppdaterat, men det fungerar för ändamålet.

I dagsläget är sidan enbart en sorterbar (klicka på respektive kolumns rubrik för att sortera tabellen) lista med romsorter med information om produktnamn, volym, pris, volymprocent, apk (alkohol per krona) och ursprungsland, med länk till produkten på systembolagets webbplats.

Om någon har någon idé på vad mer jag skulle kunna göra med sidan så hugg tag i mig på twitter där jag går under namnet @internuts. har öppnat

Slides from the 2011 Scandinavian Web Developers Conference

Today I went to the Scandinavian Web Developers Conference, a 1 day, 1 track conference in Stockholm, Sweden and I thought I’d share with you the slides from the different sessions.

There was 9 speakers, each giving a presentation and at the moment of writing I have the links to 6 of the slides but I will update this post as I get access to the rest and here they are.

I will also do a more detailed post on the conference as a whole, but right now I am having some post-conference beer and should probably get back to discussing web browsers, bugs and feature detection with the people at my table. 😉

Adaptive Web Design (Book Review)

Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

Just the other day I was reading a post on mobile-first responsive web design by Brad Frost (a great read by the way, go check it out) and found it very good. In fact I found it so good that I decided to buy Aaron Gustafsons book, ‘Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement‘ which the author had recommended.

I chose to get the paperback+eBook bundle and I finished it in two evenings. This doesn’t mean that the book is a light read, it just says something about how well Aaron manages to get his thoughts on paper.

Adaptive Web Design

If you’ve worked with web design for more than a short while you have most likely heard the term progressive enhancement, but how well do you know it, and how much does it influence your work?

Aaron  has suceded in explaining the reason for using progressive enhancement, the basics of the various techniques, breaking it down chapter by chapter and also ending it with a checklist for all your progressive enhancement needs. All in a book that not only covers the theory (or philosophy if you so will) behind it but which also contains plenty of practical examples of how, and more importantly why, to implement the techniques.

Adaptive Web Design consists of six chapters where progressive enhancement with markup (HTML), CSS, JavaScript and Accessibility takes up one chapter each. The first chapter talks about the what, why and how of progressive enhancement and the last gives us the checklist and information about the book, author etc.

The book itself is a perfect metaphor for progressive enhancement in the way it’s laid out, adding more and more advanced features and styles to it and where you, at the end, are ready to boost a wide knowledge on the topic. Sure, you can stop reading after two chapters and still be a better designer/developer than you where when you started but why would you? You’re not the equivalent of a low-tech ancient browser that don’t support the latest features, are you?

I can only wish more, a lot more, web designers and developers get their hands on Adaptive Web Design because I consider it a must have tool in any serious designers/developers toolbox. The more people read it, the less sites breaking when the user has JavaScript turned off and the less non-semantic markup and more accessible content will we see.

In short, this book will help us make a better, more future proof and more accessible web.

Adaptive Web Design
Author: Aaron Gustafson
ISBN-13: 978-0-9835895-0-1