Musa Okwonga on “How to promote your great ideas” at #BarCampSthlm

I’m currently attending BarCamp Stockholm and just finished listening to Musa Okwonga talk about how to promote your great ideas.

This is a quick and dirty roundup of his presentation.

4 principles

1: Who is the messenger?

  • Lots of competitors/What makes your “product” special?
  • Who are you? Your network is the messenger,¬†friends, family, alumni, etc…
  • Bulletpoint EVERYTHING wbout you.

2: Who is the audience?

  • Detail the audience and target them aggressively.
  • Put yourself somewhere NEW, or with someone totally different from you, who has a similar audience.

3: What are the messages?

  • Work out different messages for different audiences.

4: Method of delivery!

Different delivery for different audience.

Work out ALL the audiences.


  • Primary audience: Demographic, where, age, interests.
  • Secondary audience: Network
  • Last audience: Rest of the world

Map out HOW you approach them.

  • DON’T advertise at first.
  • Word of mouth, journalists, radio/magazines.
  • If I’ve heard you, I’m more likely to like you.

How to get coverage!

  • Look at someone you like to cover you.
  • Look at their work, ALL the work.
  • Get an angle.
  • Contact and ASK for a meet.
  • Mention THEM, focus on THEM and THEIR work.
  • Grab their attention, they get thousands of mails.

Baby steps in the “pyramid”

  • Small/local paper, get an interview.
  • Chain reaction “look, we’re covered here and here”
  • Get more coverage from recent coverage.
  • Make your way up.

“The cool kids hate not being cool.”
If Wired/Next Big Thing/Huffington Post don’t write about you, make smaller channels cover you, work your way up and have them say “Why aren’t WE covering them?”.